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Unconfirmed next-generation Ford and GM truck powertrain details swirl

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Ford F-150 Badge

TheDetroitBureau.com is reporting a few juicy rumors about the future of full-size pickups from both General Motors and Ford. According to details supplied by shadowy sources, Ford is currently hard at task on the development of a range of new V6 engines. The powerplants are said to be under development in a range of sizes, including 2.6-, 2.7- and 3.0-liter displacements. The engines are being crafted under the codename "Nano" with a single dual-stage turbo making up for the cut in displacement. The largest of the trio is said…
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Ford to Launch Fiesta-Based Crossover in Europe

The Ford Fiesta will spawn a small crossover model to go head to head with the Nissan Juke, according to Auto Express. Just as the European-Market Ford Kuga shares underpinnings with the Focus and C-Max, the new crossover will be based on the Fiesta platform. With test mules of the miniscule crossover popping up all [...]
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New CAFE rules for 2025: How 54.5 mpg generates a lot of numbers (and opposition from VW)

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lisa jackson epa

Following the big CAFE announcement this morning - which called for a 54.5 mpg fuel economy standard by model year 2025 - EPA administrator Lisa Jackson (pictured) gave a bit more information on how the proposal will affect the vehicle landscape in the U.S. She said that there is no expected percentage of what kinds of powertrains (diesel or plug-in or more efficient gasoline engines) will make up the fleet of vehicles sold in 2025, just that the rule requires those vehicles need to be cleaner than the ones produced today…
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Four-cylinders increase lead over V6s as engine of choice for Americans

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2012 honda civic ex sedan engine

America cho-cho-chooses the four-cylinder engine as its preferred means of locomotion. In fact, the four banger has been the favored choice since taking the lead over six-cylinder engines a few years back. The four-versus-six debate was neck in neck back in 2005, when six-cylinder engines accounted for 43 percent of the market. Now, it's the four pots that own 43 percent of the market.

There's no mystery behind the shift in consumer buying patterns. Fuel prices are higher, four cylinder engines keep getting better and the economy continues to remain flat.

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