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New 2012 Ford Focus

Forget fun to drive. Bumper cars are fun to drive. The 2012 Focus has an intense side that comes out when you push the start button. It comes with an all-new chassis and suspension that's tighter and better than ever, and a new cornering assist system that puts the torque where the traction is. We took some very sweet performance technology and put it at your finger tips. Available spring 2011.

Available Sport-Tuned Suspension

For 2012, the Focus offers crisp handling thanks to a rear stabilizer bar and our fully-independent control blade rear suspension that stubbornly resist body roll. The available Titanium Handling Package is taut and confidence inspiring -- it adds a unique sport-tuned suspension with 18" wheels and low profile summer-only tires. You'll look forward to a ride you'll love every day.

Variable Cam Timing

The 2012 Focus comes standard with a 2.0L Ti-VCT I4 that delivers both performance and efficiency. Our 2.0L Ti-VCT I4 engine is all-new for the 2012 Focus. The class-exclusive Direct injection* provides a cooler, denser more precise charge while our Twin independent Variable Cam Timing self adjusts for efficient performance at low rpm and exhilarating power when you step on it. So you can go green and go quickly. 

Six-Speed PowerShift™ Automatic Transmission

Part of what makes Focus so satisfying to drive is its fully engaging available six-speed PowerShift™ automatic transmission, which delivers seamless gear changes and excellent responsiveness. And because it's also designed to be fuel-smart, you can have plenty of fun, without paying the price at the pump. Select models also include SelectShift™ technology which allow you to change gears at the touch of a button.

New Electronic Power Assist Steering

The new Electronic Power Assist Steering (EPAS) automatically adjusts to deliver precise responses at high speed and optimal maneuverability at slower speeds when needed. Its Pull-Drift Compensation technology constantly measures the driver's steering input, adapts to changing road conditions and helps compensate for slight directional shifts caused by factors such as uneven road surfaces or steady crosswinds. What you'll notice is enhanced responsiveness and superior control, specifically tuned for each Focus model.

Torque Vectoring Control®

G forces in a corner transfer more traction to your outside tires than to your inside ones. Our unique Torque Vectoring Control system exploits that by transferring torque to the wheels that have the most grip. It virtually eliminates understeer, forcing the front end to hug the inside of each curve. New technology usually only available on premium vehicles, it creates a connection to the road you'll find habit-forming.

AdvanceTrac® ESC with ABS

AdvanceTrac® Electronic Stability Control (ESC) with anti-lock brakes (ABS) is standard on every Ford Focus. This state-of-the-art system constantly monitors road conditions and the driver's responses, then adjusts engine power and applies the ABS brakes to help keep all the wheels firmly planted. ESC brings an added measure of handling confidence to the agility you'd expect in a Ford Focus.

What Makes an ST an ST?

Focus ST delivers true performance in every aspect, combining power with precision, strength with agility, force with finesse. Its high-output 2.0L EcoBoost® engine is built to give ST a signature sound and feel, while high-performance brakes and a uniquely tuned sport suspension help make it the street fighter that it is. This is a vehicle that's been reworked in its entirety to forge a perfectly balanced blend of refined engineering and undiluted adrenaline.

Be everywhere at once.

Focus has the technological mastery to keep you connected to the rest of the world. The big news this year is the class-exclusive availability of MyFord Touch™ technology.* It's done for the car what touch did for the phone. A simple intuitive touch screen that lets you control your navigation, phone and entertainment. Steering wheel mounted controls with a display in the cluster right in front of you let you control additional functions without taking your hands off the wheel or turning your head. Oh, but there's more. So much more.



If our designers were cubists, the 2012 Focus might have turned out boxy. Clearly, they are not. Instead, they created a shape, and shapes within that shape. The belt line is actually several belt lines, shifting into a Z-shaped pattern that gives the Focus muscular shoulders over its wheels. It's kinetic design. It makes the car look like it's in motion even when it's parked. This is a car that looks coiled and ready to spring. So go ahead. Get in. And start more than a car. Available spring 2011.

Kinetic Exterior Design

The 2012 Focus exudes energy with its athletic Z body lines. It's designed to cheat the wind and steal your breath. The shifting belt line creates sinuous shoulders over the wheels. It looks ready for anything and the looks don't lie.

The Art Of Car Building

The 2012 Focus appeals to all of your senses. Look closely and you'll see tight, razor sharp tolerances. Solid sheet metal exquisitely shaped. Subtle and innovative design cues that reveal a little something fresh every time you take a moment to notice.

Ultra High Strength Boron Steel

An infusion of ultra high strength boron steel fortifies the body structure of the new Focus, adding protection while reducing weight. It's up to four times stronger than normal high strength steel. Trimming weight is yet another way we enhance fuel economy. Boron steel lets us do that while maintaining safety.

Stronger, Stiffer

Thanks to advanced materials, the 2012 Focus feels as solid as if it were carved from a solid block of steel. The result is world class handling from a car that comes alive in your hands.


It's easy to imagine yourself a fighter pilot driving the 2012 Focus. The cockpit just feels like something you fly, not drive. Everything you need is in there, but it's hardly dry and utilitarian. It's a hundred little reasons to say, "ooh." Available spring 2011.

Quality Is In Every Detail

The Focus feels solid and looks right thanks to tolerances and craftsmanship that rivals much more expensive cars. Details like the available real alloy trim, clean, polished seams sewn into the available leather-trimmed seating, and the available piano black touches provide a sweeping design statement. This is a ride you'll be proud to take anywhere.

An Interior That's All About You

Slip behind the wheel of the 2012 Focus and you'll feel it. A sense of eager anticipation. It's not all in your head. Our designers gave the next generation Focus a low seating position, door panels seamlessly integrated with the console, and controls within easy reach and exactly where you expect them to be. 

Focus Is Big On Safety

In addition to the dual-stage driver and front seat passenger airbags, every Focus comes standard with front seat-mounted side airbags as well as front and rear side curtain airbags. Always be sure to wear your safety belt and secure children in the rear seat.

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