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Auto Industry Set on Self-Driving & Electric Cars, But Uncertain How to Proceed

When you imagine what cars will look like in 50 years, you might picture something out of I, Robot—orderly highways of self-driving cars, that only a lunatic like Will Smith's character would dare to steer themselves.

That is where the auto industry is heading, or it's trying to.

Ford is currently testing a large fleet of autonomous Fusion sedans, and has incorporated semi-autonomous technology like...

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Understanding Dash Lights

Your dashboard warning lights on your Ford vehicle are there to warn you when there is an issue with how your vehicle is performing. While a warning light doesn't mean there is a huge emergency, it does mean that it's time to pay attention to your vehicle to determine what is wrong. Your dashboard light may simply indicate a loose gas cap, or you may have a serious problem with your vehicle that requires you to immediately pull over. Even when you don't know what the light is for, the lights on your Ford vehicle are color…

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Daytona Beach Drivers Want SUVs

The next time you're driving, look at the cars around you on the road. If you happen to notice more SUVs and crossovers than you did before, don't be surprised. SUVs have been building their presence on the road for years now. They've also been building a base of loyal drivers who keep coming back to them. A recent analysis of quarter one 2017 consumer data found that 66 percent of SUV drivers, when shopping for a new car, bought new SUVs. If you find yourself puzzling over the "why" of that, we'd suggest you look…

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Ford Reveals Special F-150 For Police

Police work is some of the toughest there is. It goes without saying that police officers, in turn, need a vehicle that can handle anything. A vehicle like the 2018 Ford F-150. Ford, as reported by, has unveiled a new version of the upcoming F-150 designed specifically for police departments. Dubbed the Police Responder, it will make use of the new F-150's 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine. With 375 horsepower, 470 pounds-feet of torque, and a 7,000-pound towing capacity, it will have more than enough muscle to handle anything that comes its way.
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Understanding the True Cost of Ownership

Buying a new vehicle involves a variety of different factors to consider. From the down payment, to gas, and everything in between, there is a lot to keep in mind when you arrive at our dealership, and as you create your budget.

This video helps outline some other costs of ownership which you may not have considered. These are costs you may want to include in your budget, and keep in mind when you settle on a vehicle you like.

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A Modern SUV for a Contemporary Family

Families often stop by our dealership in need of a vehicle that offers them the space, safety technology, and performance abilities of which they are in need.

Family vehicles are unique in this way, as they have to offer a variety of features, and abilities, to truly complement a family’s need.

That is why we are so proud to offer the Ford Edge. With a compact frame, a spacious interior, an impressive selection of safety features, and versatile performance, this vehicle has it all.

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Introducing the New 2018 Ford F-150

2018 Ford F-150

If you had to make a list of all the words that are synonymous with the Ford automotive brand, terms like "innovation" and "excellence" would undoubtedly be right at the top. These are fine traditions that Ford is looking to continue in a bold new way with the recently announced 2018 Ford F-150. Between the best-in-class safety features and the raw power that Ford enthusiasts have come to expect, the new face of "tough" has…

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Preparing for a road trip

Whether you are taking a short road trip for a sports game or to visit a family member or you are taking a long family vacation in the car, it helps to be prepared. Here are some tips to help your trip go more smoothly.

Bring plenty of snacks. Buying convenience store food is expensive and unhealthy. Bring healthy snacks instead. It also is more convenient because you can snack when you are hungry whether than waiting for a stop.

Be prepared for an emergency. You should keep a first-aid kit in your car and other items that can aid…
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