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Daytona Beach Drivers Want SUVs

The next time you're driving, look at the cars around you on the road. If you happen to notice more SUVs and crossovers than you did before, don't be surprised. SUVs have been building their presence on the road for years now. They've also been building a base of loyal drivers who keep coming back to them. A recent analysis of quarter one 2017 consumer data found that 66 percent of SUV drivers, when shopping for a new car, bought new SUVs. If you find yourself puzzling over the "why" of that, we'd suggest you look…

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Ford Reveals Special F-150 For Police

Police work is some of the toughest there is. It goes without saying that police officers, in turn, need a vehicle that can handle anything. A vehicle like the 2018 Ford F-150. Ford, as reported by, has unveiled a new version of the upcoming F-150 designed specifically for police departments. Dubbed the Police Responder, it will make use of the new F-150's 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine. With 375 horsepower, 470 pounds-feet of torque, and a 7,000-pound towing capacity, it will have more than enough muscle to handle anything that comes its way.
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Introducing the New 2018 Ford F-150

2018 Ford F-150

If you had to make a list of all the words that are synonymous with the Ford automotive brand, terms like "innovation" and "excellence" would undoubtedly be right at the top. These are fine traditions that Ford is looking to continue in a bold new way with the recently announced 2018 Ford F-150. Between the best-in-class safety features and the raw power that Ford enthusiasts have come to expect, the new face of "tough" has…

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Everyone enjoys the Ford Mustang

A cool, smoot ride and a little fun in the 2016 Ford Mustang is enjoyed by just about everyone, and that includes our canine pals as well. Gary Yeom

The Ford

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Ford Motor Company Conserves Water

It may not seem like it, with Daytona Beach at our doorstep, and the frequency of torrential rains, but water is in crisis. States like California have notably experienced severe drought, and places all over the world find themselves at a shortage of clean drinking water.

That's why it's important for the world's biggest companies, with the greatest impact on water, to make a plan to conserve this vital resource.

Ford has reduced its water use by 62% from 2000 to 2014. When the CDP, an organization that works with institutional investors to help reveal risks and…

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2015 Ford Mustang 50th Anniversary Special Edition

The Best Ford Mustang Yet

From the time the very first 1965 Mustang rolled off the assembly line until today, the Ford Mustang has always been about packing a big punch into a small body, and the 2015 Ford Mustang 50 Year Anniversary Special Edition does that tradition proud. Tradition meets modern styling and technology with top of the line performance mixed in to deliver a true driverโ€™s car.

With definitive Mustang styling and a beast under the hood, the 50 Year Anniversary Edition is a Mustang loverโ€™s dream, but youโ€™ll want to act fast if you…

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